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By professionalising innovation, Amplify empowers you to rapidly, effectively and with the highest precision pursue novel opportunities and deliver positive impact.

We are innovation specialists offering a set of flexible innovation solutions aimed at the precise requirements of each individual client.

Gunnar Storfeldt

Managing Director, Sweden

Managing Director and Co-founder at Amplify. With a focus on crafting innovation strategies and reinventing business models, Gunnar has helped boost business performance in both startups and established internationals.

Stockholm, Sweden

+46 702 653 120


Johan Fredrikson

Åre, Sweden

Senior partner and co-founder with extensive practical experience as an international facilitator and innovation management consultant. As a manager for the Amplify Academy, Johan has a particular interest in the roles and competencies needed to professionally manage innovation.

Åre, Sweden

+46 733 240 232


Johan Nihlman

Stockholm, Sweden

Senior partner and co-founder with wide ranging innovation management experience across several industries. His specialities are market and customer insighting and innovation strategy.

Stockholm, Sweden

+46 733 814 015


Orren Shalit

Stockholm, Sweden

Founder and Senior partner with extensive experience, across multiple industries, in both hands-on innovation creating real results, as well as creating long-term behavioral and organizational change.

Stockholm, Sweden

+46 708 393 398


Erika Storfeldt

Stockholm, Sweden

Erika is an Innovation expert with a talent for understanding customer needs and crafting solutions.

Stockholm, Sweden

+46 727 172 767


Robert Svanberg

Stockholm, Sweden

Building on over 25 years experience of hands on industrial innovation management, Robert assists companies in all aspects of innovation ranging from strategies, portfolio management, process facilitation to product realisation.

Stockholm, Sweden

+46 706 033 214


Tone S. Ringstad

Oslo, Norway

Tone has established value systems and cultural insight in companies in the US and Europe, as a line manager and consultant. Her expertise is in assessing and strategising to build innovation culture and leadership.

Oslo, Norway


Carl Hamilton

Lund, Sweden

Carl brings 20 years of international experience within innovation in both large corporations and startups. He works with clients to establish groundbreaking strategies and opportunities to sustain competitive advantage.

Lund, Sweden


Magnus P. Karlsson

Stockholm, Sweden

Stockholm, Sweden

+46 70 349 19 40