Sustainable Performance

How together we create Sustainable Performance

Establishing a sustainable innovation performance with Amplify means truly professionalising innovation by identifying the optimal strategic direction and building exceptional structural and cultural capabilities.

Innovation performance review

Begin your journey to professionalising innovation by reviewing your current innovation performance, benchmark to industry standards and best practices and get clear recommendations for how to achieve higher performance.
Reviewing innovation performance with Amplify is the perfect starting point in your transformation into a truly innovative organisation.

Innovation strategy

Craft your innovation strategy by defining your innovation purpose and objectives, identifying where to focus your efforts, defining your level of ambition and designing your innovation approach and governance.
Crafting your innovation strategy with Amplify is where the journey begins to create the balance between running your business and at the same time reinventing it.


Innovative portfolio management

Establish professional innovation portfolio management that enables you to clarify your decision-making, allocate resources effectively, balance risks and rewards and maximise the return on your innovation investments.
Establishing innovation portfolio management with Amplify involves defining an innovation scorecard (KPIs), decision criteria and processes, as well as designing models for effective resources allocation.

Innovation management system

Build a professional innovation management system based on structural and cultural capabilities on a strategical, tactical and operational level, that empowers you to innovate proactively, systematically and repeatably.
Building an innovation management with Amplify using state of the art management models, principles, processes and tools, all aligned to ISO 50500 – the evolving world standard for innovation management. .

“Amplify your sustainable performance – Clear direction and world-class capabilities.”

Find out how Sustainable Performance can help you meet the challenges of tomorrow.

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Develop the skills and resources to innovate proactively and systematically, time and time again, into the future.

Re-thinking Elekta's neurosciences unit

Being able to stay at the forefront of neurosciences to deliver clinical advances means putting on your thinking cap.


To achieve their goal of staying at the cutting edge of Neuroscience and Oncology and continue delivering clinical advances for improved patient treatment, Elekta decided the best approach was to create a  strategic plan for innovation. They called Amplify.


Amplify supported Elekta’s desire for strong growth by co-creating their new strategic plan for innovation orientated around the neuroscience unit. The team assessed the then innovation performance, defined innovation goals, identified gaps and formulated a plan for raising all-round innovation performance.


The result was a range of tangible and concrete improvements around product development, skill competence and general innovation management. As well as the implementation of an innovation toolbox to support ongoing and future innovation. The strategic plan developed with Amplify is now the basis for all Elekta’s global innovation activities.

“Innovation is about developing the yet unknown and undone, with Amplify we created tangible and concrete results!”

Gunnar Storfeldt

Stockholm, Sweden

Managing Director Sweden and co-founder, Gunnar has established professional innovation across some of Europe’s most prestigious companies. His speciality is to craft strategies for innovation that boosts business performance.

Phone: +46 702 653 120

Let Amplify and Sustainable Performance help you innovate into the future

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Make innovation part of your company DNA and overcome the challenge of running and reinventing your business at the same time.

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Innovation must be treated as any other mission-critical activity. It’s about knowing how and when to do it – but also when not to innovate. Build a strong professional foundation using a proactive and systematic way of working.