Body of Knowledge

The Body of Knowledge will help you build your competence and boost your career as an Innovation Management Professional – beginner or advanced.

The Amplify Body of Knowledge online program for self-paced learning includes all the Body of Knowledge content, including licensed materials.

Amplify provides the complete Body of Knowledge for Innovation Management Professionals as an online program, with all its content in one place for self-paced individual learning, including licensed materials.

About the profession

Innovation management is an emerging profession similar to other professions that are more mature such as project management or quality management. Innovation management professionals are responsible for, or contributing to, creating the best possible conditions for innovation activities – in or for an organization. They lead and organize innovation efforts, drive innovation projects and initiatives, coach innovators and leaders, and build innovation capabilities, including a culture supporting innovation activities.

About the body of knowledge

To support the development of the profession, Innovationsledarna – the Association for Innovation Management Professionals in Sweden – has established a job description and a body of knowledge. Both have been developed by professionals, for professionals, and are available for free at The body of knowledge builds on international guidance standards, mainly ISO 56000:2020 Innovation management fundamentals and vocabulary, and ISO 56002:2019 Innovation management system – guidance. Learn more about the standards here.

The body of knowledge consists of the following 12 knowledge areas:

1: Professionalization
2: Fundamentals
3: Frameworks
4: Context of the organization
5: Culture and collaboration
6: Leadership, strategy, and policy
7: Planning, organizational structures, and portfolios
8: Resources
9: Support, tools, and methods
10: Processes
11: Evaluation and improvement
12: Perspectives

The content is a combination of articles, videos, podcasts, etc. It includes both open and free content as well as licensed content such as articles from Harvard Business Review and the ISO standards documents. RISE Research Institutes of Sweden have adopted the Body of Knowledge as the basis for personal certification of innovation management professionals.

See also the Amplify training program for innovation management professionals, which is aligned with the Body of Knowledge and prepares you for personal certification. Amplify’s programs are all harmonized with the ISO 56000-series of international guidance standards for innovation management.

About the program

The Amplify Body of Knowledge online program for self-paced learning includes all the Body of Knowledge content, including licensed materials.

Through the program, you can easily access all content in one place and organize your learning journey in a structured way.

The program is available via Amplify Academy (LMS) with a one-year fixed fee subscription and includes:

– Reading rights to the texts from the standards ISO 56000 and ISO 56002 (download is not included)

– One-year digital subscription to Harvard Business Review (download is included)

– Licenses for articles from other sources

A free version of the online program, without any licensed content, is also available. It includes materials such as YouTube videos and other freely available online content.

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Body of Knowledge for Innovation Management Professionals

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Create an immediate impact through new value creation, and raise your sustainable innovation performance with professional capabilities.

Innovation activities must be treated as any other mission-critical activity. It’s about knowing how and when to do it – but also when not to innovate. Build a strong professional foundation using a proactive and systematic way of working.