Innovation Management Professional

Building the capability of Innovation Management Professionals in both public and private organizations.

This program provides an overview of what it takes to establish and manage a sustainable ’innovation engine’ in your organisation.

Innovation has been at the top of the agenda for decades. But it is just recently that a genuinely professional view on this crucial discipline has gained momentum. Both private and public organisations are now beginning to manage innovation more professionally.

At the core of these efforts are Innovation Management Professionals – the people responsible for developing and deploying a proactive and systematic approach to innovation.

If you are pursuing a career as an Innovation Management Professional or are planning to do so, this training program is perfect for you.

It gives you the foundation for the job and the necessary knowledge about the tools, processes, and systems needed to manage innovation professionally – all according to the new guiding standards for innovation management – ISO 56002:2019 and ISO 56000:2020.

Target audience

The primary target audience is Innovation Management Professionals who are either new in their role and need a solid foundation for a successful start or experienced individuals with a need to develop their skills further and possibly pursue personal certification.


The program is built on the following 12 learning modules:

  • Systematic innovation management
  • Defining innovation
  • Innovation management principles
  • Innovation management system
  • Designing innovation processes
  • Developing deep insights
  • Engaging top management
  • Crafting innovation strategies
  • Adapting structures
  • Leading innovation efforts
  • Fostering innovation culture
  • Assessing innovation performance

The program content is viewed in the context of an Innovation Management System – in accordance with ISO 56002:2019 – and learned from an Innovation Management Professional’s perspective.

To enhance the content and make it relevant for personal certification, the Body of Knowledge for Innovation Management Professionals is a primary source of knowledge.

Program outline

We give you access to 12 digital learning modules with the latest and most relevant knowledge about professional innovation management for one year. You can study at your own pace and prepare for our group discussions and work sessions conducted over two months.

Through this curriculum, we aim to maximize your learning experience and satisfy different learning styles by delivering the content through a mix of self-studies, discussions, assignments, exercises, and case studies. During the program, you will also meet people in the same situation as yourself and thus build fruitful relationships.

The program duration is two months, with activities outlined as follows:

Week 1: Kick-off webinar (1 hour)
Week 2: Self-studies and assignments
Week 3: Webinar 1 (1 hour)
Week 4: Self-studies and assignments
Week 5: Webinar 2 (1 hour)
Week 6: Self-studies and assignments
Week 7: Webinar 3 (1 hour)
Week 8: Self-studies and assignments
Week 9: Workshops (2 full days or 4 half days), online or onsite, depending on the situation.

A learning portal is available for all participants for 12 months to facilitate long-term learning and serve as the hub for all program activities and communications.

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2 days classroom (or online) 2 days classroom (or online)
4 x 1 hour webinars 4 x 1 hour webinars
15 hours self-paced learning 15 hours self-paced learning
35 hours in total 35 hours in total
Swedish, English Swedish, English
SEK 35.000 + VAT (group discounts available) SEK 35.000 + VAT (group discounts available)


Create an immediate impact through new value creation, and raise your sustainable innovation performance with professional capabilities.

Innovation activities must be treated as any other mission-critical activity. It’s about knowing how and when to do it – but also when not to innovate. Build a strong professional foundation using a proactive and systematic way of working.