Innovation Toolbox

Resource library of general and tailor-made innovation tools and templates. Always available whenever you need it, wherever you are.

Your gateway to unending innovation creation. Innovation, like any mission-critical endeavour, can be strengthened by the available infrastructure. 

”Concrete and hands-on tools and methods to make innovation into something much more systematic than just fluffy phrases.”

When supported by a common framework and state-of-the-art tools and methods, Innovation Coaches have the best chance of creating long-lasting and powerful impact.

Developed by innovation professionals, Amplify’s Innovation Toolbox is a web-based modular toolbox containing proven tools and methods that support complete innovation management.

And because the Toolbox is powerful enough to support your specific Innovation journey, it delivers a set of materials designed for working with your colleagues in your industry. The tools and processes are available in stand-alone modules enabling users to create task-specific combinations to meet every need.

Whatever aspect of the innovation process you are driving, there are tools supplied with material designed to give the user hands-on guidance on how it should be applied in a given situation.

This means that end-to-end value creation is available anywhere at anytime.

Amplify’s Innovation Toolbox has successfully supported innovation in companies such as Shell, Saab Group and Ericsson.

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Create an immediate impact through new value creation, and raise your sustainable innovation performance with professional capabilities.

Innovation activities must be treated as any other mission-critical activity. It’s about knowing how and when to do it – but also when not to innovate. Build a strong professional foundation using a proactive and systematic way of working.