Systematic Innovation Management

An online training program for self-paced or blended learning for leaders and managers in all kinds of organizations.

Innovation success by creating favorable conditions and removing barriers for innovators and teams.

Boost innovation performance in an organization or across collaborating organizations by giving yourself the essential knowledge, skills, and mindset.

You will learn to proactively and systematically lead and organize innovation efforts and build crucial innovation capabilities, all with guidance from international standards.

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Why systematic innovation management

The future belongs to those who can innovate and renew themselves! They delight users, power up digital technology, embrace sustainability, accelerate growth, and create social impact. Are you already innovating at your full potential? If not, you are not alone. Most leaders are disappointed with their innovation results. They want more from their investments. The good news is that you can lead and organize your innovation efforts in a systematic way to boost performance.

Program overview

Amplify has trained over 1500 leaders and innovation management professionals.

In the full program, you get access to 14 learning modules covering the fundamentals of a proactive and systematic approach and an explanation of why it is critical to boosting innovation performance. You will learn about systematic innovation management, its principles, and the essential definitions according to the international standards ISO 56000 and 56002. After completing the program and a knowledge test, you are awarded an Amplify certificate of completion.

Program content

The program provides you with actionable knowledge to be able to significantly contribute to establishing your innovation intent, assessing innovation capabilities, facilitating innovation collaboration, designing innovation processes, developing deep insights, engaging top management, crafting innovation strategies, adapting structures, leading innovation efforts, fostering an innovation culture, and assessing innovation performance.

Target audience

This program is essential if you are a leader, formal or informal, or a manager influencing innovation activities. For example, you might be part of a leadership team or board, a line or project manager, an expert, auditor, or consultant. You can work in any organization – large or small, public or private, in any sector – or across collaborating organizations. The program is also perfect for anyone interested in innovation management and its practical application.

What you will learn

After completing the program, you will be ready to:

  • Drive your most promising innovation opportunities by crafting an innovation strategy.
  • Seek new solutions in a world of disruption and uncertainty by adapting innovation processes.
  • Inspire and engage people with curiosity and courage to foster an innovation culture.
  • Orchestrate collaboration with a shared mission by combining diverse insights and resources.
  • Assess capabilities and implement an innovation management system.

Your learning journey

You can learn at your own pace, in bite-sized steps, on any of your devices. Each module is divided into 10-12 lessons, making it easy to focus on what is relevant to you. Lessons are short and independent learning elements containing, for example, videos, slide shows, or interactive dialogues. Most lessons end with questions for reflections and a “Learn more” section with optional content for deeper learning based on your interests. The study time is approximately 30 hours for the entire program.

Learning modes and customization

The program is suitable for self-paced or blended learning. In the case of blended learning, individual studies are combined with interactive live sessions for group discussions and exercises. A customized program can be designed for an organization and include purpose-designed or organization-specific modules in addition to the core training modules.

About the content

The main content is produced by Amplify and includes original videos and slide shows, interactive dialogues and charts, and downloadable guides and tools. All modules have cases with examples from different organizations, situation-specific guides with recommended actions, questions for individual and team reflections, summaries of key takeaways, and knowledge tests. We have based all content on the latest practices, leading research, and international standards.

About your guides and Amplify

Gunnar Storfeldt and Magnus Karlsson are your guides throughout the program. They are senior innovation management experts and partners at Amplify, a consulting and training company based in Stockholm, Sweden. They have over 20 years of international experience in practice, research, and standardization of innovation management. Gunnar and Magnus have supported hundreds of private and public organizations and worked with thousands of leaders and innovation management professionals. They will share that experience with you!

Program languages

The program is available in several major languages.

2022 Q4: English

Planned: French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Swedish, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Thai.

Video captions, guiding texts and descriptions, and downloads are translated. Video sound, text on slides and images, and optional materials are in English. However, it is possible to complete the main parts of the program without any knowledge of English.

Accessing the program

The program can be accessed globally through the Amplify LMS, a cloud-based learning management system. Some language versions can be accessed through a local LMS provided by a partner to Amplify. It is also possible for an organization to subscribe and provide the program to all its employees through an internal LMS.

Get your free preview now!

You will get instant access to the preview. By registering now, you will receive a personal discount code when the full program is available.

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Self-paced or blended learning Self-paced or blended learning
Anytime, anywhere, any device Anytime, anywhere, any device
30 hours, 14 modules 30 hours, 14 modules
For all leaders and managers, individuals and teams For all leaders and managers, individuals and teams
English and other major languages English and other major languages
500 EUR per user + VAT (group discounts available) 500 EUR per user + VAT (group discounts available)


Create an immediate impact through new value creation, and raise your sustainable innovation performance with professional capabilities.

Innovation activities must be treated as any other mission-critical activity. It’s about knowing how and when to do it – but also when not to innovate. Build a strong professional foundation using a proactive and systematic way of working.