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Strategy for Breakfast? Maybe not…

On this episode, Jonathan Foster and Hanna Sörefelt have a fascinating conversation with innovation professional Johan Fredriksson, who carefully leads us through the six steps needed to build a successful strategy.

We talk about culture and wonder if culture really eats strategy for breakfast? And we hear from a company that has taken Johan’s advice to heart. We meet Cecilia Granath and discover how applying systematic innovation makes a difference at Tyrèns

Asking questions like “Why are we doing what we are doing?” and “What needs to be changed?” might not sound like a review of your business strategy, but as we find out, simple questions like this actually clarify and coordinate a complex innovation approach.


The Wisdom of the Crowd(funder)

How about a vision of the world where crowdfunding matches entrepreneurs with “shareholders”, where traditional financial gatekeepers are removed and everyone has new access to capital?

This is the world of crowdfunding where people support fledgling companies with their hard-earned money. Is this a new idea that gives people the chance to take control of their future? Or is it a retelling of an old story where the hero is the marketplace and society always plays a supporting role?

On this episode of Demystify Innovation we speak to Daniel Daboczy of Funded by Me - Sweden's first crowdfunding platform - about their journey to utilise the wisdom of the crowd. The question is, how wise is the crowd?


Enlightened Innovation – just let go – Professor Chris Grey

In this episode we have an insightful conversation with Professor Chris Grey, who unpacks fundamental questions about organisations and their innovation.

In our conversation Chris begins with the fundamental paradox between control and autonomy and how that effects innovation. He talks about, amongst other things, the truth behind leadership, followership and culture, unintended consequences of various organisational forms and how you‘d better celebrate failure if you want any success!

We ask Chris “How can organisations increase innovation performance?” The answer might just help you predict the future of your organisation!


From a question to an exclamation!

This is the third episode of our special 3 part mini-series featuring the innovation wisdom of Magnus Karlsson and Gunnar Storfeldt.

In this episode we investigate the relationship between startups and large organisations. How can they best manage the relationship and both mutually benefit?

Our special guests Jack Melcher-Claësson from Epicenter, Pär Helgosson from Djenee and Jonas Herman from Stagecast, who cut through the romance and share their experiences of managing the reality of an ever changing business relationship.


A standard answer to an innovative question!

This is part two of our special 3-part mini series featuring the innovation wisdom of Magnus Karlsson and Gunnar Storfeldt.

When companies embark on innovation they often leap first and ask questions later. Nobody want’s to be asking about parachutes as the ground is racing towards you!

In this episode Jonathan Foster and Hanna Sörefelt delve into international innovation standards and certification, both designed to help you better manage innovation and give you the chance to land where you actually want to land, intact!


Mission critical or mission impossible?

In this episode we have a stream of invaluable innovation insights from two of the most lucid and knowledgeable experts in Sweden today.

Why do you find it so difficult to treat creating new value in the same way you treat everything else? Find out what you're are doing wrong, and what you should be doing!

Magnus Karlsson and Gunnar Storfeldt reveal how to create new value in part 1 of our 3 part mini-series.


Organic intelligence or just artificial?

In this episode we report from the Stockholm Tech Fest where we find out the future is in good hands - even if those hands belong to a robot!

But we have to ask - is it really that simple?

We speak to a few start-ups, the CTO of IBM about AI and we get a eye opening interview with Nicklas Bergman about our role in the future.


From Shanghai to Stockholm – Annika Steiber’s best Chinese takeaways!

In this episode we get to grips with the Chinese innovation revolution.

The Chinese government is increasing innovation performance, partially by adopting a Silicon Valley approach and partially by implementing new innovation management styles. So how do Communism, Confucianism and a market economy work together to build a long-term innovation vision?

Plus Annika shares her list of 6 things YOU can do to achieve your goals.


Alexander Bard Summer Special!

In this episode we have a highly entertaining conversation with none other than Sweden's best known cyberphilosopher and syntheologist Alexander Bard! Alexander’s musings range from talking about the rise of network dynamical innovation as a new force, to curatorship as the key to dealing with our enormous information flow. We discover what’s the best strategy for players in Fintech and what are the possibilities for Blockchain of the future. And Alexander reveals his tip for which country will lead the coming data mining revolution.



Long-term planning is essential to help you reach your destination. But where are you heading and with who?

In the final episode of AmpLab’s Misconceptions series Orren Shalit reveals who should always be on the journey.


Roadmaps – choose your destination!

The simplest way to ensure 100% successful innovation is to already know the future. The Oracle of Delphi would have been a fine innovator. Unfortunately for us mere mortals, knowing the future is challenging if not impossible.

We can however make educated predictions based on today’s circumstances but what is the surest way to generate success?


Demystify Innovation

In this episode we've had enough of the buzz words, so we make sure we get some concrete answers in an honest and surprising interview with Gunnar Storfeldt and Orren Shalit.

They tell us what organisations need to do on a "Monday morning in the office" in order to take action, to develop principles and to change behaviour. They even talk about the roots of fear and the role of the market in slowing down innovation.


Think Inside the Box

Is there a way of organising our thinking that encourages good innovation? Can we think creatively and innovatively time and time again?

Erika Storfeldt explains how the broadest and most uncommon way of thinking can sometimes come from inside the box!


Think inside the box

There are expressions which hold a strange influence over our everyday thinking. They’re like industrialised and pre-packaged “pearls of wisdom" and there’s nothing better than raising oneself to “guru” level by using them. Got a problem? Think outside the box!

Innovation works best when we utilise an exceptional and uncommon way of thinking, when we challenge the norm and develop new approaches, when we think “differently”.


A genius in the system!

In this episode Jonathan Foster and Hanna Sörefelt talk to Robert Svanberg about the delicate business of reinventing innovation and balancing agility, people and procedures. And they drop in on Amplify’s Agile Stage-gate Masterclass to get the views of some of the participants from Volvo cars, Electrolux, Volvo Trucks, Atlas Copco, ABB Scienta Omnicron and Akzo Nobel.


Dump risk taking

There is always a certain amount of risk in life, but does risk have to be a moment of uncontrolled uncertainty? Is risk like a poker game or can we develop another approach?

Gunnar Storfeldt is back to guide us through the risky business of creating successful innovation without taking a massive gamble.


Dump risk taking – play it safe

Einstein said that “A ship is always safe at the shore - but that is not what it is built for”, which is certainly true.

But knowing how the ship was built and by whom, having an experienced captain and a trustworthy weather report will dramatically change the nature of the risk you take when sailing into the wild blue yonder.


Have your cake and eat it! Kicki Theander

In this episode Jonathan Foster and Hanna Sörefelt meet Dinner-Kit industry creator Kicki Theander. Kicki created a $1.5 billion industry by having the courage to dream, the strength to take real risks and the insight to click together an innovation that caters to a real social need and adds value to real peoples lives. Get insights from someone who’s really been there and done it!


Stop blaming culture

To create an organisational shift, change as individuals, or create successful innovation we need to address the reality of social and cultural mechanics.

Orren Shalit explains why we should take culture seriously and offers a three step plan to get your innovation back on track.


Stop blaming culture – it’s you!

To have innovation impact on organisational culture, you need to encourage behavioural change. Real behavioural change happens when people have clear directions, useful boundaries and capability, as well as trust and support to carry the changes through. If this is also enforced by action we can even change a innovation hostile culture, into a culture that encourages innovative behaviour.


Beyond Stagegate Dr. Robert G. Cooper

In this podcast innovation guru Dr. Robert G. Cooper gives us an overview of some of the issues with Stage Gate and discusses the merge of Stage Gate with the Agile Manifesto. It’s time to see beyond a fuzzy front-end and a stage-gate back-end. It's time to see innovation as a stream of seamlessly integrated events from start to finish. We call it Seamless End-to-End Innovation. It’s based on a proactive, systematic and agile approach aiming at world-class innovation performance. Special guest Dr. Robert Cooper


Learn to unlearn

Could your core competencies be holding you back from real growth? Is it time to expand the limitations of your organisation to allow room for true innovation?

Erika Storfeldt certainly thinks so. In this 2 minute micro-video Erica unpacks the problem of relying too heavily on old thinking.


Learn to unlearn: free your mind!

It may seem strange in modern innovation to evoke the words of the Buddha, but he voiced a fine definition of a successful approach to innovation when he said “The mind is everything. What you think you become.”


Demystify Innovation

Hanna Sörefelt and Jonathan Foster talk to innovation experts, gurus, and thought leaders and find out what really makes innovation work successfully. Demystify Innovation investigates and delivers the world of innovation to you, so no matter whether you're a start-up or an established global player, we've got you covered!


Ideas suck

What is it you really need to create a high chance of success on the market? Why is the failure rate for ideas so high? Could it be we are focusing our efforts in the wrong place?

Gunnar Storfeldt reveals the truth about ideas and how to generate better innovation in AmpLab's micro-video and article.


Ideas suck: says who?

Ideas hold a powerful place in today’s culture. From eureka moments to TED talks, wherever there is a problem, a fully packaged idea is seen as the solution. All we need to do is conjure ideas up and, hey presto, problem solved.



What are the commonly held misconceptions that hinder quicker and more precise innovation? Are there simple solutions that avoid these errors?

Watch our series of micro-videos and articles that outline precisely these common misconceptions and offer uncommon solutions.


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