Pågen customer insights rise

Pågen customer insights rise

Sometimes generating consumer insights and challenging business assumptions lead to a bigger market share.


The market for pre-packaged bread was shrinking with competitive products entering the market and consumer tastes changing. Pågen was losing market share and needed to rethink their range of offerings.

”In the short time between school and soccer practice I needed to give my kids something tasty and healthy – then I could relax.”


The challenge for Amplify and Pågen was to generate consumer insights, challenge business assumptions and create a compelling new offering. Together we created a number of insights into consumer lives that informed Pågen’s strategy over and above just baking brilliant bread.


Even in the hectic modern family life, parents need to provide quick tasty and healthy support, even if it comes in the shape of a bread roll. The result of the innovation process was “Äntligen Subs”, which became the fourth largest bread in Sweden – in all categories, carried a premium price of 100% compared to competitors and was nominated to ”Årets Dagligvara”.

Develop deep customer insights and fulfil their spoken and unspoken needs.

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