Program terms and conditions

Systematic Innovation Management

About the program

See the full program description and the Program FAQ. Several subscription plans, including team discounts, languages, and live online and onsite programs are available.

Program fees

VAT will be added to all fees, if applicable.

Storage and use of data

The name of the participant and overall training progress is stored in the learning management system. In the case of Amplify LMS, data is stored and used according to the TalentLMS privacy policy.

No learning data or detailed training progress is stored, except for the results of the final knowledge test and program evaluation, if applicable. See also the Amplify privacy policy.

Amplify is not responsible for the availability and accuracy of the information on third-party websites. Links are provided to such resources throughout the program for information purposes.

Some resources may require payment to get access. Such fees are not included in the program offering.