Innovation Leadership

Two-day program providing an overview of what it takes to establish and manage a sustainable ’innovation engine’ in your organisation.

Innovation should be professionally executed, using a proactive and systematic approach.

Innovation can be a complex endeavor, but also a powerful tool that requires attention and knowledge. Knowing precisely where to begin, what resources to allocate and how to build teams around a portfolio of activities is essential.

Dedicated Innovation Leaders will obviously play a critical role. However, the exact tasks and responsibilities are determined by the size of the organisation as well as the design and maturity of the “innovation engine” or system.

The Innovation Leadership training program therefore provides a generic perspective of innovation management, both on a strategic and an operational level, rather than just a definition of a specific role.

The primary participants will be managers and individuals responsible for business or organisational development who would like to get a basic understanding of how to manage innovation in a more professional manner.

The modular seminar design combines comprehensive theoretical material related to innovation leadership with a more practical workshop where useful methods and tools of the trade are experienced, first hand.

Day 1 – Innovation Leadership – In theory
The learning objectives on the first day are to raise awareness of innovation management in general, and the roles and responsibilities that are needed to establish a sustainable “innovation engine”.

Day 2 – Innovation Leadership – In practice
The second day concentrates on gaining practical experience from different types of systematic innovation tools, and understanding how they can be applied to address real challenges or opportunities. Another objective is to establish a personal action plan outlining some initial steps to move forward.

Participants can, as an option, choose to attend one or both of the independent modules. All our seminars and programs are aligned with the technical specification for innovation management (SIS-CEN/TS 16555-1:2013).

AMPLIFY - Innovation Leadership Seminar
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2 days classroom 2 days classroom
3 hours self-paced e-learning 3 hours self-paced e-learning
15 hours in total 15 hours in total
Swedish, English, German Swedish, English, German
26 - 27 of September 2017, or upon request 26 - 27 of September 2017, or upon request
9.500 SEK / 950 EUR 9.500 SEK / 950 EUR
Johan Fredrikson

Johan Fredrikson,

Stockholm, Sweden

Senior partner and co-founder with extensive practical experience as an international facilitator and innovation management consultant. As a manager for the Amplify Academy, Johan has a particular interest in the roles and competencies needed to professionally manage innovation.

Phone: +46 733 240 232


Create an immediate impact through novel value creation, and raise your sustainable innovation performance with professional capabilities.

Innovation must be treated as any other mission-critical activity. It’s about knowing how and when to do it – but also when not to innovate. Build a strong professional foundation using a proactive and systematic way of working.